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Sherpa power was established in 1993 and has been associated with the manufactures of low and medium oltage electrical substation and switchgears. During this period the company has extended its operations by sering high tech solution to filter Harmonic distortion.
Facilities and factories with a high proportion of ariable speed motor dries and or other harmonics generating loads may require a detuned Capacitor bank system. This would perform the function of power factor improement while preenting all kind of amplification of harmonic currents and oltage caused by resonance between capacitance and inductances in the mains. We are offering 3-phase low and medium filter circuit reactor to be used with capacitor bank. Low loss reactors are made of specially selected transformer silicon sheets and manufactured with flat or round copper wire .Depending on their ratio power, the reactors are proided with terminal blocks, lugs or copper bars. If he operating temperature exceed 1200c the reactors circuit disconnected by a thermal switch.

The main apparatus for generating harmonics:

Personal computers.
Fluorescent and gas discharge lamps.
Static conerters.
Continuity Groups.
ariable speed dries.
Welding machines.
Arc and inductie furnaces.
All non-Liner loads.

Reactie Power Compensation respectiely the Capacitance of a Power Capacitor in Connection with the feed in transformer builds up a resonance circuit. The experiences show that self-resonant frequency of their resonance circuit in the range of 250Hz to 350 Hz means in the range of the 5th and 7th harmonic.

Resonance may cause the following effects:

Oerload of transformers and transmission system.
Interference of measuring deices and central system as computer electrical and electronic equipments.
Exhaustion of harmonics out of the preloaded medium oltage net.
Accentuation resonance and amplification of harmonics.
Distortion oltage.

These resonance phenomena’s can be aoided by switching the capacitors in a row by means of filter circuit reactors. De-tuned capacitor banks are dimensioned in such a way that self resonant frequency in under the lowest harmonics of the net. Detuned capacitor banks are clearly inductie for harmonics aboe them frequency. With net frequency of 50Hz de-tuned capacitor bank will work clearly capacitie and therefore compensate reactie currents.

The Benefits of using De-tuned Capacitor Banks :

Eliminates the possibility of resonance.
Preents the breakdown of the capacitors. Contactors, MCB, MCCB, Measuring instruments, transformer and reduces maintenance cost and eliminates the risk of paying reactie penalties due to the capacitor bank Capacitance alue lass.
Extends the life time of the capacitor banks and connecting loads.
Preents unwanted production step caused by unnecessary nuisance tripping of the mains circuit breakers of the distribution network.

Our Product Range for Reactie Power Compensation:

Low oltage Product

Harmonic filter Reactors ,10KAr -2000KAr
Line road Reactors
Smoothing Reactors
Motor Starting Reactors
Capacitor Bank
De-Tuned Capacitor Banks
De-tuned capacitor banks with thyristor switching

Medium oltage Product Range

Harmonic Filter Reactors
Current Limiting Reactors
Capacitor Banks