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Trolley Busbar

Sherpa Power Engineering Ltd is a leading technology-driven engineering offers widest range of Busbar trunking system in Bangladesh. Each product in the BBT range carries the reliability and accuracy, and is backed by prompt after-sales service. For your offices, commercial & residential building and industrial installation Sherpa have a variety of BBT for complete reliable power and distribution.
Bus bar trunking system (BBT) performs the function of transporting current from one point to another point. Traditionally cables were used for the transportation of current but BBT goes beyond what cables do. BBT have a tap off outlet for power to switchgear for further distributing of power to the electrical loads.
In comparison with cable, BBT can thus serve as a distribution panel at different stage and floor of the building. BBT continues a single system to replace cables as well as distribution boards at floor level for building, commercial &industrial uses.