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Automatic Induction Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer (AIVR)



Contactless Voltage Stabilizer

Capacity: 20KVA-30000KVA

 Automatic Induction Voltage Regulator(AIVR) is On-Load Continuous Step less Voltage & Current adjuster. It is like an asynchronous motor with a wound rotor. It is rotating field transformer with a Power ranging from 20KVA to 30000KVA. It is constructed with one rotor (primary) and one stator (secondary). The rotor rotation between ±45° which allows the voltage compensation(Explained Below).AIVR is an ideal transformer which can be regulated automatically or manually, control by rotating of rotor, to change circuit relative angle of rotor & stator, to make rotor and stator interact voltage phase change and change voltage output.