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Company Profile

Sherpa An Overview

Sherpa provides a global high class, end-to-end service for clients seeking services within the renewable/clean technology markets. Our services extend throughout the value chain from origination to disposal of projects, and our team sources and qualify projects globally.
Our team is involved in all assets classes that promote renewable energy generation through sustainable processes, either with existing or new green/clean technologies.
Our vision is to successfully promote renewable energy into global markets, working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned.
Our mission is to be the leading specialist agency in the global renewable energy space.
Our Goal is to create a more sustainable energy environment for local communities, reduce the carbon footprint and attract investment through industry and commerce.

Sherpa Solar Irrigation

Solar pumping system becomes more and more popular day by day. It can be applied to daily need lifting water from Underground, surface like Pond, River, Lake, and Canal for irrigation, Forestry, desert Control. Pasture for grazing animals, Sea water Desalinization, Domestic water supply and money other uses. Existence of human life in this planet largely depends on the avail abilities of clean water to people livestock and crops. Farmer in the rural area can only because prosperous of there is clean water for their farms. Home, Livestock in many parts of the world there is huge Shortage of reliable power of Homes and irrigation of fields. Where Sherpa brand services of Solar Submersible and surface Pumping system can give a good solution. Sherpa Solar pumping System offered a state of art relievable and high technology design to provide a green and energy efficient system for reliable water supply.

Sherpa Solar Pumping System Comprising of the following system:-
1. Solar Submersible/Surface pump.
2. Solar PV panel
3. PV mounting Structure
4. Automatic Controller/Inverter for solar Pump
5. Foundation, Cable & accessories

Features and Flexibility

1. Completing Green Energy, no Fossil Fuel, and no Carbon emission.
2. High energy efficient solar Submersible pump
3. High efficient Solar Surface Pumps.
4. High efficient Solar PV p
   anel with a service life 25 years.
5. Robust Design Galvanized Steel mounting structure for long life.
6. High technology automatic controller/inverter with Controller system for built-in dynamic MPPT controller system with complete protection.
7. High efficient Controller/Inverter with Conversion efficiency at 98%.
8. The controller/inverter is tropicalized to operate satisfactorily up to temp 500 C.
9. The system is completely automatic and almost maintenance free.
10. Environment finding a silence operation, no noise & Pollution free.

 Sherpa Solar Application: -Stand Alone Solar PV System- Roof-Top Solar System– On-Grid System & Off-Grid-Solar Powered Irrigation System- Solar Street Light - Solar Water Heater- Centralized Solar PV mini grid-Sherpa Solar Pumping Product- AC Solar Pumping Systems -DC Solar Pumping Systems-AC Solar Pumps- DC Solar Pumps Solar Pumping Inverter-On Grid & Off-Grid Inverter- Solar Combiner Boxes- Solar Pumping Control Boxes- Solar Panels - Encouraging Green Energy.

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Project Video

Sherpa Solar Irragnation Pumping Systeam Project Documentry - Please Vist all links given below..

Sherpa Solar Irrigation Pumping System
Vill : Benghari-Islampur,
Post : Manikpir
UZ : Boda
Dist : Panchagarh,
Capacity : 10Hp/7.5kW,
Water Discharge : 865,000 Liter







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